Mental Health & Spirituality

  • Family Support: Spiritual Expression – Cathy Patterson-Sterling, Director of Clinical and Family Services for Sunshine Coast Health Center, shares the fourth part of her 6-part series, “What is Happiness?”.
  • Mental Health Matters: Mindfullness – Excellent! Mindfulness is about accepting where you are in the present moment without judgment. Two guests join host Shannon Eliot to talk about and demonstrate the role of mindfulness in helping heal from anxiety, depression.
  • Mental Health Matters: Spirituality & Wellness – Excellent Video!! Join host Shannon Eliot as she chats with PEERS Spirituality Liaison Minister Monique Tarver and BOSS Executive Director boona cheema as they discuss the importance of spirituality in maintaining mental health and wellness.
  • Mental Illness, Spirituality and Faith – Long: 1:hr 04 minutes – Great for everyone to watch; Any Spiritual-Faith Leader (Multi/Inter-faith) Professionals, Caretaker, Peer Support and Consumer. Presenter Craig Rennebohm, is a chaplain who has worked for the last 23 years on the streets of Seattle,
  • Mindfulness Meditation & Mental Health -This news item from CBC’s the Journal shows how mental health can be impacted a little yogic meditation.
  • PHC Spirituality Conference: Health & Healing – The Invisible Ingredient in Health and Healing”, the conference brought together a wide range of experts from psychologists, bioethicists, specialists in pastoral care and more.
  • Providence Health Care: Spirituality Conference (Day 2 morning) – I enjoyed watching this video and believe this would be an interest to professionals, family members and patients in the health care system. Dr. Nuala Kenny has a great description of “Compassion” as a Spirituality in Health tool.
  • Russell Brand on drugs, Savile and Yoga – Russell Brand – the face of a new drive to help addicts abstain – tells Channel 4 News he still needs support in the wake of his drug abuse and that yoga should be compulsory for politicians.
  • Sharing Our Success Stories: Addictions & Mental Health – A excellent video from Vancouver Coastal Health that shares success stories about how individuals were able to get help for their addictions and mental illnesses and the spiritual component that help with their recovery.
  • Spirituality in Mental Health Care – Good discussion and talk on mental health and spirituality from both a professional and patient (sonsumer) point of view. However it ends suddenly with no conclusion but worth watching,,,
  • Spirituality and Health – This Utube video is over a hour long but very useful to watch… They talk mostly around Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and HIV/AIDS but the information can help with any chronic illness and mental health issues. Gail H. Ironson, M.D., Ph.D. discusses what spirituality is and how it is measured.
  • Starting a Spiritual Support Group in Your Faith Community with Joanne Kelly – The Caring Clergy Project is dedicated to giving clergy easy and timely access to information about mental illness so they can effectively help their congregants get the help they need and help family members cope with their loved one’s illness.


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