• 24×7 Schizophrenia: Spirituality – Faith communities can offer a network of support
  • Association for Spirituality & Mental Health – ASMH promotes interaction, collaboration, education, research, care and advocacy in the domains of spirituality and mental health. We strive for diversity, with members from across Canada and other countries, as well as various faith and ethnic groups, various disciplines, representing both consumers and mental health professionals.
  • Centre for Mindfulness Studies, The: – We offer mindfulness-based therapies  and professional training for health care and social service providers. We are also committed to extending our services to marginalized people and their support workers through our social program.
  • Exploring Spirituality in Mental Health: Social Worker and Psychiatrist Viewpoints – This paper discusses the viewpoints of four psychiatrists and four social workers practicing in mental health. These participants were individually interviewed for the purposes of understanding how spirituality was being incorporated into helping/health practice with people who have serious mental illnesses.
  • Greening Sacred Space – Greening Sacred Spaces is a practical program to assist faith communities in taking actions to create more sustainable, energy efficient places of worship and to educate their communities about ecological issues. 
  • Sacred Ground  Protection and maintenance of the sanctity of cemeteries/graves at former & existing psychiatric institutions.
  • Spirituality and Mental Health – There is a need to understand the intricate relationship between spirituality ad mental health with a specific focus on depression.


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