North Carolina, Ohio & Pennsylvania

North Carolina

  • Centre for Spirituality, Theology and Health – Based in the Center for Aging at Duke University Medical Center and focuses on conducting research, training others to do so, and supporting dialogue and discussion on spirituality, religion, and health as related to public health and clinical practice.
  • Religion, Spirituality and Health In Older Adults – Use of Religion to cope with stress, sickness, & disability – Religion, Depression, & Quality of Life – Religion, alcohol/drug abuse, & crime/delinquency – Religion, health behaviors, & healhier lifestyles – Religion, physical health, and faster recovery – Religion, and need for healthcare services – Particularly relevent in Older Persons.


  •  The role of religion and spirituality in mental health – Religion and spirituality have the ability to promote or damage mental health. This potential demands an increased awareness of religious matters by practitioners in the mental health field as well as ongoing attention in psychiatric research. 


  • Religion and Spirituality – Helping people with psychiatric disabilities ‘live like everyone else’ often means – in addition to  addressing the educational, employment, and housing needs of consumers – also more seriously considering the role that religion and spirituality have for those with psychiatric disability.  

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