• 11 Reminders of How to be a More Open Person – How can we open? In what ways are we closed? Each of us has our own answers to these questions. We must first be open with ourselves before we can be open with others.
  • A Spirituality of Openness – The religious meaning of the universe is open. It does not command one and only one way of being experienced, or rationally interpreted.
  • Openness – openness to these fusions and confusions is commendable and insightful; opening our hearts to others changes everything, open ourselves to serve others, teaching stories…
  • Openness – By being receptive, we can avail ourselves of the spiritual wealth available to us…
  • Openness As A Marker of Spirituaity –  Openness seems to be the theme we are touching on, or perhaps a social form of openness – “inclusiveness”..
  • Open Your Mind in 7 Steps – Get your Ego in check – Rid your Mind of Judgement – Practice Silence – Learn to Meditate – Learn to Pray – Trust Yourself – Keep Hope Alive
  • Spiritual Openness – One of the essential qualities in the spiritual life is openness. It is a quality that expresses itself in all aspects of our life.