• Half-Smile and Serenity – The purpose of this exercise is to create an environment in which serenity can be cultivated and enhanced using a technique known as half-smile.
  • Having a Inner Smile – Purpose/Effects – Method – History – Humor Therapy – Letting Go
  • Learning to Smile: Secrets of Spiritual Happiness – Start every day off with a smile and get it over with. 
  • Little Smiles, Big Smiles – What has made you smile today? What’s There to Smile About? My Smiling Experiment – Smiling Words – An Invitation
  • Practice the “Inner Smile” – Here we will learn a variation on this classic practice, which allows us to direct the healing energy of a smile into any part of our body that we would like….
  • Smile to your Heart Meditations – Simple Practices for Peace, Health and Spiritual Growth.
  • The Inner Smile: Letting Love In – The Inner Smile meditation is often taught as a stress management technique or for physical healing. However, with modification, it can also be a valuable method of getting in touch with the love that surrounds us all the time.
  • The Power of a Smile: Mindfulness Practice – Smiling has the power to transform you, not just a power to effect others responses to you.
  • The Smiling Meditation – Ready? Wherever you are simple take a deep inhalation saying to yourself “This breathe I take is relaxing.  And as you begin to exhale smile and say to yourself, “This breathe makes me happy.”..


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