• Freedom to Play, The – if we retain our curiosity and our flexibility, we can re-learn — up to the very moment of our passing from this earth — from the children, the animals, and one another — how to play.
  • Left Field Song: Play as a Spiritual Practice – A story about a women’s life of playing baseball and how it is a spiritual practice for her.
  • Play: by Rabbi Rami Shapiro – By linking spirituality and play, are we saying that being spiritual is qualitatively different than being religious?
  • Playing the Piano as a Spiritual Path – It took me all these years to figure out what was most important in life, and to use the keyboard to practice — not just playing the piano, but living according to my highest values and purposes. Living this way is what I call following a spiritual path, and briefly it means for me to love, to learn, and to pour good energy into the world.


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