• All About Empathy – Empathy is the experience of understanding another person’s condition from their perspective.
  • Centre for Building a Culture of Empathy – Our mission is to build a movement for creating a global-worldwide culture of empathy & compassion.
  • Empathy – What is Empathy?, Why Practice Empathy, How to Cultivate Empathy?, How Empathic Are You?…
  • Empathy – Whether thought of as spiritual Darwinism, or a scientific Buddhism, empathy has been, from the beginning, a revolution.
  • Empathy and Spirituality – In my search to understand spirituality, empathy keeps showing up on the periphery. It’s never center stage, not the way compassion is. Compassion is like empathy’s big famous brother….
  • Empathy Practices – Empathy involves being sensitive to the feelings and situation of another person. We need to develop our ability to empathize if we are to truly live out of an 
  • Understanding the nature of empathy: a personal perspective – The central questions being: what is empathy, and how is it communicated?
  • World Empathy – Here you will find information about empathy and practical resources to help build a culture of empathy in your community.