Sacred Pause

  • 7 Ways to Live in the Moment – avoid the m word – discover sacred pause – tune into your body – be patient – forget your to-do list…..
  • Pause Relax Breathe – In the Sacred Pause Spot Meditation we rest our awareness on the very small moment of stillness that occurs at the end of the exhalation
  • Sacred Pause, The – By pausing & accepting our experience, we free ourselves to respond to our circumstances in ways that bring genuine peace & happiness.
  • Sacred Pause, The – Embracing uncertainty by accepting things as they are
  • Sacred Pause, The: Working with Time & Muse – “Through the sacred art of pausing, we develop the capacity to stop hiding, to stop running away from our experience.”
  • Sit Human, sit. – A Sacred Pause begins in this moment as you slow down & check in with yourself still your body listen to your breath….
  • Stopping & Seeing – Formal meditation practice is an extended form of a sacred pause in which we voluntarily stop our usual daily activities.
  • The Pause: Brief but Powerful – The Pause Mechanisms – The Time Out Tool – One-Minute Break – Pacing – Planning – Prioritizing – The Process….
  • Transformation and the Sacred Pause – Journey of a Rite of Passage – Key to the Sacred Pause – Take Action Challenge….


Silence — B,M,SP,S