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  • 35 Affirmations That Will Change Your Life – If you believe the phrase you are what you think, then life truly stems from your thoughts. NEW! 06/16
  •  5 Steps to Make Affrmations Work for You – Learn how to make affirmations work for you.
  • 50 Positive Affirmations – Here are 50 affirmations I think are most important to me at this point in my life. I need to read and re-read these daily. NEW! 06/16
  • Affirmations – Over the years, we tend to get into unhelpful thinking habits.and think negatively about ourselves and situations. Using positive self-statements can help us develop a new attitude to ourselves and our situations.
  • How to Use Affirmations Effectively – Self-affirmations are positive statements or self-scripts that can condition the subconscious mind so that you can develop a more positive perception of yourself.
  • Mental Health Affirmations  – NEW! 06/16
  • MH Survival Guide Affirmations – “You can do it.” Those simple words give us confidence, strength, focus and energy. We could all benefit by speaking such encouraging words to ourselves. Instead, most of us accept whatever observations our minds automatically serve up, and for many of us these statements are far from positive. NEW! 06/16
  • Positive Affirmations & Positive Thinking – Positive affirmations are an expression or idea that is repeated, often without thinking about it, used to impress the subconscious with a thought that can motivate you, remind you of your talents and provide the confidence you need to accomplish goals. NEW! 06/16
  • Positive Affirmations – A Powerful Tool Or A Load Of Mumbo Jumbo – Are positive affirmations really a useful, powerful tool to help rebuild self-esteem and self-confidence after a nasty mental health episode or are they a complete waste of time? NEW! 06/16
  • Positive Affirmations List on Pinterest – What is an Affirmation? Affirmation is a very simple, yet powerful technique, that can have a tremendous impact in a person‘s life by empowering the subconscious mind to turn thoughts into actions.
  • Tumblr. Affirmations – Said with Beautiful Backgrounds and Pictures….


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