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  • 100 Art therapy exercises to make your Mind, Body and Spirit Sing – Emotions – Relaxation – Happiness – Portraits – Trauma & Unhappiness – Collaging – Self – Gratitude – Inside the Mind – Miscellaneous
  • Art and Health – Dedicated to using the Expressive Arts as a healing modality to enhancing quality of life and to activating the will to be well through positive self-expression.
  • Art Can Be Good for Mental Health – Doing art — whether music, painting, writing, dance, whatever — can contribute immeasurably to psychological well-being.
  • Art ` Spirit ` Nature – There is a Web that Connects All Things – A blog – Mission and Purpose to my artistic work beyond keeping me sane and alive, it is to help others find more Life in life.
  • Arts in Healthcare: Creativity for the Health of it – The “arts in healthcare” is a wide-ranging international movement that covers the waterfront of possibilities for how the arts enhance lives and impact patient care, hospital environments, care for caregivers, and community-building within medical and other settings.
  • Dancing, Singing, Painting, and Speaking the Healing Story: Healing through Creative Arts – This report describes the results of a study by the Aboriginal Healing Foundation (AHF) in the use of creative arts in healing programs.
  • Healing with the Arts – Art and Healing is now a huge field. All over the World, people are healing themselves, others, community and the earth with the arts. Book, 12-week program – Gallery – Blog
  • Prayer Bead Workshop offers creative, spiritual outlets for consumers – The workshop, created and led by Rev. Lujuan Thompson, aims to stimulate an interest in the use of prayer beads and one’s own creativity as a spiritual practice for calming and centering the mind.


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