Spirituality Meetups

  • Centre for Spiritual Living Yaletown Meetup Group – Our purpose is to encourage people to recognize the power thought has to create your experience. If New Thought writers like Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle and Deepak Chopra have made a big impact on your life, you’ll be right at home here.
  • Discuss & Explore God & Spirituality – This group is is open for anyone to come and grow, discuss, explore, and learn in a safe environment. The facilitators of this group are Jesus-followers but this is open for seekers, skeptics, and those desiring discussion and community. This group is will host a variety of informal, discussion orientated events with a focus on learning and creating community.
  • Echhart Tolle Vancouver – Join to share presence with other wonderful beings, the work of Eckhart Tolle (A New Earth, The Power of Now, Stillness Speaks), and how to cultivate joyful living for the benefit of all.
  • Soul Mind Body Healing Centre – In this Meetup, we share Soul Healing techniques and practices introduced by Master Zhi Gang Sha to help you connect with your soul and develop your soul abilities. NEW! 06/16
  • Spiritual Artistry  and Mysticism – Spi-Ritual Artistry and Mysticism is a spiritual group here to support, teach and host discussions, development classes and healing circles for our community in a safe, compassionate and informative way. Events will vary in topic.
  • Surrey Spiritual Experiences Meetup – We invite you to join our Spiritual Conversations forum to explore the vast universe of spiritual experiences. Come  share your stories, ask questions, and learn from others tools for your own spiritual endeavors — all in an open, supportive, friendly group setting.
  • The Power With.in – “The purpose of this meetup group is to point people towards this clear, undivided, unified seeing of what is True for everybody and anybody. This is the place where you can discover freedom which is already actually yours, now. Experience a non-traditional way in which you are pointed and lead towards the familiar stateless state of yours which has been forgotten. NEW! 06/16
  • Vancouver Shamanic Qigong Meetup – This group brings back the shamanistic roots of Qigong, exploring the many worlds and levels of consciousness that permeate our reality. This natural magic is available to all of us, using the divine gift of our human bodies. Through a series of simple movements, guided visualizations and connection with life force energy, we calm our emotions and allow the creative spirit to shine through NEW! 06/16
  • Vancouver Spiritual Events Group – Do you enjoy going to spiritual events? Or perhaps you would like to share the info about your favourite spiritual event with others? If your answer is yes, this group is for you:) The goal of this meetup group is to help us get together to celebrate our spiritual awakening and transformation and create, experience and share with others beautiful and powerful group energy by participating in different spiritual events going on in the city of Vancouver, meeting like-minded people and expanding our spiritual community.
  • Vancouver Spirituality Meet Up – This group is meant to fill the gap of wanting to be spiritual without being religious. We will explore spirituality in a practical way as part of the human journey of self-discovery and actualization.
  • Vancouver Women’s Circle – The circle’s intention is to create space for each other to reconnect with our wisdom, beauty, instincts, compassion and creativity to gain access to our deepest passions and desires. The circle is a sacred symbol that has been honored throughout time. NEW! 06/16
  • Worldshift Movement Vancouver Awakening Community – WorldShift Movement is a global initiative for The People of the World to come together to co-create the foundations of a new world built upon Peace, Restorative Justice, Sustainability, Social Innovation and Conscious Evolution. NEW! 06/16


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