Faith Based & Spirituality Meetups

  • Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Study Group – Vancouver Study Group of Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education & Research Institute, the largest group of Kabbalists in Israel, sharing the Wisdom of Kabbalah with the entire world. You can study Kabbalah with us in more than 26 languages. 
  • CityLights Church – We’re a Church Plant in the Vancouver / Burnaby area, all about loving & serving this great city and centering our lives around Jesus. Join our Meetup to find out when our Gatherings and tons of other Meetups (hang outs, sports events, beer & theology pub nights, etc. etc.) are happening & to get connected to a young church in the city or to explore Christianity. NEW! 06/16
  • Lower Mainland Muslims Unite! – Weekly opportunity for Muslims to get together and those individuals interested in knowing more about Islam. Here you will learn Authentic Islamic Knowledge, receive coaching/support and build community for you and your families.
  • Pagans and Mystics BC – As diverse a group as we are, we all stand united in our love for and dedication to religious freedom and spiritual expression; that we may practices as we see fit, and exorcise our right to a peaceful assembly, as dictated in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms: You may even find Christian, Hebrew, Gnostic and Jewish mystics  among us.
  • Theravada Buddhism Vancouver – This meetup focuses on Theravada Buddhism which comes from Thailand, Burma and Sri Lanka. Theravada (pronounced “terraVAHduh”), the “Doctrine of the Elders,” is the only survivor among the early schools of Buddhism, and is generally regarded as the oldest, most orthodox, and most conservative form of Buddhism. It is relatively uninfluenced by other indigenous belief systems.
  • Vancouver Active Christians (V.A.C) – The main purpose of this group is to have fun and build friendships.  Our events range from regular weekly coffee all the way to more physical activities such as hiking and running. We volunteer in the community and do many other things too numerous to list. Most of our venues are based near Vancouver City and the Lower Mainland