Mental Health & Substance Abuse

  • Eating Disorders and Disordered Eating – I am an eating disorder therapist looking to support, educate and help people struggling with eating disorders or disordered eating. I work with people struggling with anorexia, bulimia, binge eating and emotional eating.
  • Extremely Shy Looking for Friends? – Now the #1 most active meetup group in all of Canada and one of the top 5 most active groups in the world! Are you a young adult looking to make new friends and gain new experiences? Then this is the group for you. NEW! 06/16
  • GVRD Depression Group – Meet with others in your local are who are coping with Depression. From Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) to other types depression, discuss treatment, share advice and support one another.
  • Highly Sensitive Persons of Metro Vancouver – This Meetup was started by a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) to help self-identified HSPs in the Metro Vancouver area to connect with one another. NEW! 06/16
  • Self Improvement Enthusiasts – This is a group for anyone interested in personal growth and self-improvement programs, seminars, workshops, audios, videos and books. 
  • Vancouver Shyness & Social Anxiety Support – This is a peer support group for people with social anxiety issues including but not limited to discomfort speaking with strangers, talking in groups, public speaking, agoraphobia, and panic attacks.  It is absolutely free and open to everyone.  NEW! 06/16
  • Vancouver Women’s Positivity Workshops – These workshops are about community and having a safe place to be open and share – for women who are interested in bringing positivity into their life. They’re based on: positivity; the belief that you’re okay just being you; and providing support for dreams and goals. NEW! 06/16


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