Meditation & Yoga Meetups

  • EnChant: Kirtan Vancouver The practice of Kirtan, or Mantra Meditation, is a type of yoga in itself and has many of the mind-calming benefits of a yoga class or sitting meditation.
  • Get Happy Go Deep with Yoga, Meditation, & Kirtan – We exist to illuminate the depth of the yogic path to lasting happiness. Our group provides comprehensive and heart centered music, meditation, philosophy, and yoga programs rich in ancient wisdom. This group is for those that want to focus on how to achieve the ultimate goal of yoga: a life of love, wisdom, authenticity, fulfillment and purpose.
  • Gong Sound Meditation Vancouver – In this 90 minute session you will experience a gong sound meditation and healing experience. You will learn how to meditate while the multi-layered gong vibrations take you into deep states of awareness and alter your brainwave frequency – where healing is accelerated. NEW! 06/16
  • Healing through Yoga & Holistic Health – This group is for those of us interested in learning how to heal our bodies through modalities such as (but not limited to) yoga, Bodytalk System, holistic health, energy healing, etc. It’s a great way to connect with like-minded people and practitioners/experts in the field. 
  • Inner Engineering Meetup group – Offers free meditation classes, yoga programs, public events, and social gatherings where we can come together to practice, learn more, relax and have fun! NEW! 06/16
  • Light of Himalaya – Light of Himalaya is a meetup for weekly meditation and yoga classes, sacred ceremonies and spiritual retreats.  Our meetups are hosted and leaded by a Spiritual and Yoga Master, who spent seven years in Himalaya to purify herself and obtain all the knowledge. NEW! 06/16
  • Meditation, Healing & Spiritual Awareness – We are a group of spiritual teachers and practitioners who are sharing our knowledge and expertise with the community by offering group meditation sessions, healing drop-ins and introductory talks on a variety of spiritual topics.
  • Osho Active Meditation & Breath Work – This group is for those interested in meditation and energytic body work (i.e. breath work). For busy city people, it is very difficult to sit and simply relax into meditation. Our minds are way too activated for that. We are constantly stressed, depressed and with lack of energy. My work is by using connected breathing as a tool, to create a space where we can connect with our bodies and then have a chance to relase tension in our system.
  • Sahaja Meditation – Sahaja Meditation is originally from India and is taught in over 100 countries. Classes are always free of charge based on the principle that your inner peace is your birthright. We are a registered non-profit society and have been established in BC since 1981.
  • School of Intuition, Meditation & Healing – We are teachers and practitioners who share our knowledge and expertise by offering group meditations, healing drop-ins and talks on spiritual topics. We provide an opportunity to meditate in a group setting, receive healing and explore various topics relating to the spiritual journey.
  • Sufi Meditation Center – Our goal is to promote Mystical awareness through Sufi Meditation and praises of the Prophetic Light that is contained in every Heart. All our Programs are Free, Reminder we are new to meetups but our events have been in the city for over 4 years and every friday over 70 people attend. NEW! 06/16
  • Vancouver Guided Meditation – In this Meetup, one experiences that the greater the capacity one has to process and release negative emotions, the greater the capacity they will also have for experiencing higher and higher states of love, joy, pleasure, peace, abundance and consciousness this lifetime (as well as all the opportunities that come with this).
  • Vancouver Heartfulness Meditation – We host introductory sessions to learn how to start and the practice has weekly group meditations and a prescribed practice that helps with heartfulness, free of cost. Feel free to connect with us if you have any questions.
  • Vancouver Meditation – (VMM) is an education hub formed to help Vancouverites explore different styles of meditation available in Vancouver and to inform members about some visiting teachers and upcoming spiritual events happening in the city. We will explore various ways to meditate to help us understand what we are experiencing physically, emotionally, spiritually and cognitively and to help us decrease stress in the city.
  • Vancouver Middle Way Meditation – This is a group for anyone interested in meditation, inner peace and mental well-being. It is a great place to come rejuvenate your mind and body and meet new friends and like-minded individuals. Meditation is universal. It is not only for Buddhists, but for people of all faiths. NEW! 06/16
  • Westcoast Reiki Centre – The focus of this meetup is to provide the opportunity to explore topics relating to the spiritual journey to wholeness, such as Reiki, energy work, energy healing, energy psychology, medical herbalism, yin yoga, meditation, clairvoyance and other spiritual practices in safe and respectful environment. NEW! 06/16


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