• Gospel to Go: Good Noise Vancouver Gospel Choir – An auditioned community choir, with no specific religious affiliation. The choir calls Christ Church Cathedral in Vancouver, British Columbia “home” as a choir in residence Good Noise Vancouver Gospel Choir, regarded as a leader in the gospel choir movement in Canada, is known for its dynamic vocal sound, excellence in performance and a commitment to sharing the “good noise” that is gospel music.
  • Joy TV Faith Programs – Being Hindu, Believe, Discovering Islam, Faith to Live By, Insight Into Sikhism, Islam 101, Key to the Kingdom, Satt Samundron Paar, Time to Sing,  Tomorrow’s World, Tribal Trails, You Are Loved by Peter Youngren, The Miracle is Yours, Peter Popoff Ministries, Let the Quran Speak,
  • Show Me What You Care About  Show Me What You Care About is a documentary and community building project profiling people that represent Vancouver’s diverse communities. The film will explore the invisible lines that connect us in our everyday lives through the things that we find meaning in – the things that we CARE about.


BC Hangouts —  Faith Based & Spiritual